Montag, 30. Mai 2016

You'll be okay

"You'll be okay." is a sentence I often use. I tell it to all the people in my life who are having a hard time, whose life is rough in that very moment, who have a big ass mountain in front of them. I also tell it to myself, sing it to myself. It's something that helps me get through whatever is shoved in my way by what some people call Universe, God, Life. And I hope it helps those I tell it to. Because yes, life can be rough and hard and really really sad, but for me there's always hope. Hope that it'll be alright, that I will be okay, everyone will be.
When I say those four words I don't always think about it as every problem solved, about happy endings and everyone loving each other. Naah. Well, yes, the hope for solutions and success and love is still there, but "You'll be okay." doesn't always mean that. Sometimes is also means losing something or someone. It means not finding a solution to a problem or remaining sad for a looong time. But I still say it, because there's always healing. There are always wounds being closed, remaining only a scar (which are - and you can't take that away from me - something that make people unique and tell stories about them). There will always be people not finding their way back to each other and yes, maybe the sound of the other person's name will sting a little when said, but both of these people will heal, will be happy again, will live their lives in a great way. So when you are there and I say to you those words, be sure that I have hope for you. Because hope is stronger than fear and we can't let fear win. We just can't. You'll be okay.

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